I suppose it could be a reference to my diminished presence on the web this past week-and-a-half or so, but it is not.

For the last month I have been consciously aware of not hearing birds chirping as I wake up in the morning – there is no 5am roll call.

Image nabbed from here.


We are still hearing those annoying blue jays! Of course, their raucous noise could have something to with the fact that we let our cats out at about the same time! My cats start running for cover as they swoop down at them.
Richard said…
I live in the city and the birds are definitely silent (maybe they are just late risers these days).

I find it somewhat amusing to picture a cat being harassed by blue jays (although they are quite aggressive birds).
Maybe birds aren't as excited about fall, (the long tiring journry south perhaps)as they are about welcoming spring and celebrating their return, so they're quieter now. Just a theory I'd buy if I were a bird! Heck, as a humanoid, I sing way more in the spring!

It is very funny to see my cats cower as the jays and big crows threaten them from close above their heads. I can think of many great captions for this and what they might be thinking! "Time to eat crow?! Maybe not!" "I'm rethinkin' this whole birdie prey thing!"
I love those bird feeders made out of cats that say "Cat Feeder" on them.
Barbara said…
I sense that you still have so much to write about. I'm sure you and the birds will be making lots of noise once again after your respite of quiet.
Richard said…
MOI: I am pretty sure that the birds have stopped chirping because there is no more need for mating and protecting their territories.

barbara: I was actually referring more to my decreased visiting of other peoples' blogs and the number of comments I am leaving (or not leaving).
Well, maybe the birds in my cat-infested backyard don't have a need to mate but they need to protect their territory from the furtive felines!!!

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