Uber tie-dyed T-shirt

For those who like tie-dyed shirts, this is something to die for:


Trust the lightBULB people to come up with a new IDEA! How apropos!
Very cool though. My favourite tie dye t-shirt from the 70's was an orange and white one I called my "Creamsicle Shirt"! (I always name my clothes!) Of course, today they might make that with a fabric that smelled and tasted like one too! (Hopefully, not fabric that melted in a warm environment!)
Coffee fairy said…
Wow! Talk about technology and fashion together! =)
Richard said…
MOI: I never name anything - except my kids.

matt: Is that Swedish for neat or like the Russian nyet (no)?

coffee fairy: it seems to be one of the more practical melds.
ghee-ghee said…
Cool and interesting!!
but i dont think i need one :)

btw,Richard,I hope you dont mind me posting your name in my new entry.

Enjoy the weekend!!
RennyBA said…
I want a t-shirt like that with lightening RennyBA's Terella on it!!
Have a great week ahead Richard:-)
I want a t-shirt like those. Sometimes see the future scares me.

Greetings from PerĂº estimado paisano.
vina said…
what's next? a video shirt?
Richard said…
ghee-ghee: what do you mean you don't think you need one? Think of the possibilities?

rennyba: thanks.

irredento urbanita: I think it would be a neat shirt. You would only need one and then program it to display whatever you want, whatever your mood is.

vina: I am sure you could play videos on it - you need to go in to marketing.
Steve said…
That's a big fat no.
Richard said…
matt: okay, got it.

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