Wherever you go, I will follow

Today is Sofia and my 10th wedding anniversary. This was the final song at our wedding and reflects well my feelings then and today.

Covenant Hymn by Gary Daigle and Rory

Wherever you go, I will follow,
Wherever you live is my home.
Though days be of blessing or sorrow,
Though house be of canvas or stone,
Though Eden be lost to the past,
Though mountains before us be vast,
Wherever you go, I am with you.
I will never leave you alone.

Whatever you dream, I am with you,
When stars call your name in the night.
Though shadows and mist cloud the future,
Together we bear the light.
Like Abram and Sarah we stand,
With only a promise in hand.
But lead where you dream: I will follow.
To dream with you is my delight.

And though you should fall, you will find me,
When no other friend can you claim,
When foes beat you down or betray you,
And others desert you in shame.
When home and dreams aren’t enough,
And you run away from my love,
I’ll raise you from where you have fallen.
Faithful to you is my name.

Wherever you die, I will be there
To sing you to sleep with a psalm,
To sooth with tales of our journey,
Your fears and doubts I will calm.
We’ll live when journeys are done
Forever in mem’ry as one.
And we will be buried together,
And waken to great a new dawn.

Wherever you go, I will follow.
Behold! The horizon shines clear.
The possible gleams like a city:
Together we’ve nothing to fear.
So speak with words bold and true
The message my heart speaks to you.
You won’t be alone, I have promised.
Wherever you go, I am there.

(I am sure I am seriously bending some copyright laws in publishing the lyrics here.)


Anonymous said…
Congratulations on your 10th wedding anniversary! 10 years and on-going, that is a blessing and achievement indeed!
Krystyna said…
Very beautiful hymn!
I found your great blog!
Congratulations on your wedding anniversary!
Congrats to both you and your wife! I know you'll have several more decades to come. I know that I should know that hymn /song but for the life of me, the tune is not coming into my head! Must be emotional today because as I read the 4th verse I started tearing up. It must be amazing to be with a person from early years right to their end. I met my husband when we were 22 and we are now 52. I'm sure I will see him in my last hour as well! That is a great comfort to me.

Are you doing anything special to celebrate?
ingrid said…
Happy Anniversary!!! :) How wonderful.
RennyBA said…
Congratulations and happy anniversary all the way from Norway to both of you!!!!
What a wonderful poem - your an artist by words in many ways!
Have a wonderful and romantic end to your week:-)
Barbara said…
On your 10th anniversary, no one would dare challenge your right to share these lyrics! I hope you have many more decades together and that at the end of each the words will be equally meaningful. It's a privilege to share your life with someone you love!
freckled-one said…
Have a wonderful Anniversary.. Hopefully you'll get to enjoy a nice night out or something mushy like that. =o)
Coffee fairy said…
as usual I am late in greeting but as always, better late than never :) so....Happy Anniversary to you and Sofia! God bless your marriage and family.
I just realized that the tune I was associating with these words was that of an old Carol King song on the Tapestry album. So I don't know this one at all.
Richard said…
juliet ophelia: thank you. Yes, 10 years is quite an achievement. I wish I could say it was all easy, but there are lots of things you simply cannot prepare for or be prepared for until they actually occur.

krystyna: dziekuje.

MOI: 30 years of marriage is an even greater achievement. The song is a fairly modern one - I think it was published in 1993. Our music was seleted and organized by a friend of mine.

Ingrid: thanks, we think do too!

rennyba: thank you!

barbara: like all priviliges, it also carries great responsibility as well as the need for constant commitment.

freckled-one: a little tough to share an intimate moment as we were in different cities on that day.

coffee fairy: it is never too late.
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