As a religious person, I have no problem believing in God. Furthermore, I believe in a creator God who is in someway wholly responsible for the origin of the universe. My God is one of the Christian interpretations of God.

There have always been throughout history those who wish to do away with a Divine entity of any sort. For a time, following the discovery of genes and DNA and RNA, there was a belief that life arose independently on Earth. Nowadays, this is not so popular. There appears to be a deep seated human need for life to have originated outside the Earth – whether this is Erik Von Daniken's space aliens seeding the Earth, or meteors bearing bacteria from mars, or the stuff of life raining upon the Earth (panspermia).

No matter how people try to get God out of the equation (aside from those believing it arose independently on Earth), they always turn to an external source for the origin of life.

Personally, I have no preference on how life originated on Earth nor do I have objections to asking the questions: how, why, when.

I smile when people try to convince me that there is no need for an external God to explain life and then proceed to try and convince me how life originated externally to Earth - they replace one external source with another.

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I believe in Creation - and to satiate the evolutionists, maybe the "Seven Days" shouldn't be taken so literally - there could be Creation that took a symbolic seven days, right?
ghee said…
I dont wanna ask why,when and how too.

I just believe in Him.
Richard said…
run around paris:>I like to keep an open mind - and remember, it was 6 days (the 7th was for rest).

ghee: I am far too curious not not be able to ask questions. I want to know everything and I think everything is knowable. For me, there is no such thing as a question we should not ask. I don't see asking questions as conflicting with faith
joy said…
As both a Christian and a Biologist...I am often caught up in the middle, of believing on the teachings from the pages of my bible and to the theories stated in my science book.

Well I guess science and religion need not contradict each other. Both should compliment the other. Science would answer the questions ----when, what, how while Religion would answer who and why.
Steve said…
I had a professor who said that it wasn't cool to be an atheist. People need to make up their minds. I loved that guy.
Steve said…
I meant agnostic, of course. Grrrr.
Richard said…
joy: I do not think that science and religion are mutually exclusive - I never have. As far as I am concerned, God gave us intelligence and it would be a sin not to use it. However, let us be clear that we should use it for enlightenment and good, rather than to advance selfishness.

matt: It goes well with the biblical passage "You are neither hot nor cold, but lukewarm. Therefore I spit you from my mouth." or as the phislosopher Lucretius put it, "If anyone says that nothing can be known, he does not know whether even this can be known, since he admits that he knows nothing."

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