I have been doubly tagged by both Mother of Invention and Barbara. I was tagged once before, but I declined because I had already done that one.

For those who are curious about other memes I have committed (although, perhaps they are not truly memes since I was not tagged to do them, nor did I tag others with them), you may want to check out Fourever meme, Memes of Seven, and End of Year Survey".

3 things that make me laugh
1. Fawlty Towers
2. Non-sequiturs
3. My kids

3 things I can do
1. Breath
2. Tie my shoes
3. Cook

3 things I can’t do
1. Fly
2. Live forever
3. Travel through time

3 things I’m doing right now
1. Blogging
2. Breathing
3. Looking over my shoulder.

3 things I want to do before I die
1. Write and be published
2. Have my own lab / workshop / research centre
3. Be independently wealthy

3 things I hate most
1. Conformity and / or unquestioning obedience
2. Injustice
3. Willful ignorance

3 things that scare me
1. Falling
2. Crowds / mobs
3. Failure

3 things that I don’t understand
1. People
2. Popular culture
3. Crowds

3 things I’d like to learn
1. How to draw / paint
2. How to swim
3. To understand people

3 things that describe my personality
1. Ascetic
2. Stoic
3. Avuncular

3 things you should listen to
1. John Lee Hooker
2. The queen of Rock and Roll: Little Richard
3. Bif Naked’s album Purge

3 things you should never listen to
1. Phil Collins / Genesis
2. Elton John
3. The Eagles

3 of my favorite foods
1. Bigos
2. RoladÄ™ y kluski
3. Fresh baked bread with fresh cooked ham.

3 beverages I drink regularly
1. Water
2. Milk
3. Iced Tea

3 shows I watched as a kid
1. Spiderman
2. Hercules
3. Rocket Robin Hood


Thanks for doing this, Richard! Yes, it would be neat to understand what makes people tick. We are all so different, yet are bonded by many similar characteristics.
Good luck on those things you want to do before you could probably get published and certainly have a lab....which could allow you to become wealthy!
vina said…
ehehe, for some people, your 3 things you should and should not listen to are interchangeable.

well, i'd like you to think that i'm not one of those people.
Steve said…
To be will. I don't see a reason that wouldn't happen. You're creative and a great writer. If you find time to sit down and write a book, I'm sure you'd succeed. There's that word again, success.

What do you want to write?
Richard said…
MOI: I often find myself an outsider. I have felt like that since I was very young. I simply could not understand other kids - I assumed I simply had to wait until they matured a little, I figured things would get better as I got older. The problem is that it hasn't - people are as strange to me today as they were 36 years ago (I'm 40). I suppose I can wait until I am dead to see if people become more like me, but with my luck, I will probably find the afterlife just as unfathomable.

vina: Have you really listened to Bif Naked's Purge? It is a fantastic album. As for the don't listen group … erm … I am not very much for slow, feeling songs (some slow jazzy songs are good - sung by women, naturally).

matt: The trick is doing it. I would love to write fantasy, science fiction, science, technical, philosophical, and theological. My problem is that every time I sit down to write, I become paralyzed (for fiction it is the fear of writing and for non-fiction it is the fear of sounding like some braying, pompous ass). Thanks for your confidence in me.
b said…
I agree with Matt here but I understand your response all too well!!
b said…
I agree with Matt here but I understand your response all too well!!
Barbara said…
Yay, Richard! Our responses overlapped in some interesting ways. Fun, wasn't it?
Richard said…
breal: Thanks for your confidence as well, but … aaack! I meant to say I get paralyzed when trying to write fiction because I don’t want to write goofy. There is so much bad prose out there (sadly I have read too much of it - but, by golly, if I have paid $10 for a paperback I'm going to read it no matter how horrible it is).

barbara: hmmm, I think overlap is too strong a word. I think lightly brushed pretty much covers it. Yes, memes can be fun, usually a good way to avoid having to post anything original. Hmmm … it is already 16:30 and I still don't have a topic for today (or rather everything I do have requires more time than I have available to coherently organize my thoughts).
Steve said…
You say that you fear writing fiction. Do you think you could explain that a little bit? I don't know if I'm jumping to conclusions here, but many people who fear writing see 300 blank pages and worry that they won't have enough to say to fill all those pages.

My advice is to start with a single page. Or half a page if that is better. Write a science fiction story that is half a page long. Maybe that's a start.

Then write a new one that's one or two pages long. Before you know it, you'll be writing 10 or 20 pages of fiction. You get the idea.

I remember though that you were interested in writing screenplays. I finished my most recent screenplay in January. It is 95 pages long, which is rather short for a screenplay. Generally I find it easier to write screenplays than novels. So I recommend that you look into it if you have the right connections. If you don't know people in the industry, I can only wish you luck.

Personally, I love writing short stories. Firstly, since the stories I write are only 4-5 pages long, I get the feeling of accomplishment more frequently than if I write longer stories or screenplays. Secondly, it is not as time consuming.

The problem is, as usual, the market. The market is bigger in the U.S. but I write in Swedish and the market here is very small. The chance for me to get published in Sweden is not exactly gigantic.

And rejection is no fun. Being rejected over and over again, like my screenplays have been, is not exactly inspiring, and doesn't motivate you to keep writing.

I hope to have my book (with short stories) finished by the end of next week. Then, I'm gonna send copies to a number of publishers. If they all reject me, I'm gonna publish my stories on my website because I don't think I can take much more rejection.

Anyway, I wish you the best of luck. Writing is fun. Don't see the obstacles. See the possibilities.
tin-tin said…
hahaha. i like your answers. they are basic stuff. but really the truth. and those are the things we don't notice :)
freckled-one said…
Some interesting answers, it’s nice to know you a little better. =o)
Richard said…
matt: thanks for the encouragement - no matter how self reliant we are, we always benefit from some encouragement.

tin-tin: I am glad you enjoyed it. Perhaps you would be interested in trying it out yourself?

freckled-one: sometimes it is hard to find truthful and interesting. I am pretty easy to understand, no reading between the lines is required (or indeed possible - because then you are just inventing stuff).

Perhaps like tin-tin, you would be willing to give this meme (or any of the others) a try?
I love it - you had some great answers.

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