Touch your toes - the original

Found the science book the post was inspired from. It is called Amazing Science Tricks for Kids and Parents by Michio Goto.

It is quite good because most experiments can be done with things easily found around the house (although, I have to confess, "easily found around the house" can be very subjective, but, in this case, I don't think so).

Image is and content of image is copyright Kodansha International Ltd. (I just scanned it and posted it).


Barbara said…
My problem is tight hamstrings. I haven't yet found anything to really stretch them out.
Coffee fairy said…
I tried this once yesterday and I guess I wasn't doing it correctly. I better try again.
RennyBA said…
I tried and now my back hurt - isn't it an easier way around LoL
Have a great week ahead:-)
Steve said…
It didn't work last time I tried it and I'm reluctant to try it again because I'm fairly sure I look like an idiot doing it.
freckled-one said…
I'm too full to try this today after a great bar-b-q. Maybe tomorrow.. ahaha or maybe not.
Richard said…
barbara: hmmm ... well regular stretching might help.

coffee fairy: Even if you didn't touch your toes, did you at least get closer?

rennyba: remember, it was just for fun, hope your back is feeling better.

matt: we promise not to laugh.

freckled-one: let us know how it goes. Some people have luck with it (like me), others do not.

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