Pater Noster

I saw Metropolis about 15 years ago and then read the book about 8 years later. The book is better than the movie.

As I grow older, the futile image of constantly feeding and tending the machines grows stronger in my mind.

I recognized pater noster as Latin for Our Father (as in the opening of the Lord's Prayer) and assumed that Thea von Harbou's references to the pater noster machine were overt references to a machine that consumed and ate its workers (much like Cronus in Greek mythology ate his children – or perhaps Moloch, to whom children were sacrificed).

I only recently discovered that a pater noster machine is a type of slow moving elevator invented in 1884.

Image nabbed from here.


Hye said…
Hey Richard, you are back :D By the way, something's waiting for you in Space of Reality . See you there :D

DianeCA said…
I remember seeing the film as well...and that is was quite disturbing. How much are we feeding the machines today I wonder as I type my thoughts into a little glowing box which I take with me everywhere....hmmmmmmmm!
Richard said…
roihwthye: yes, I think I am somewhat back. Have to get back into the habit of responding to my comments.

dinanca: I don't recall being disturbed by the film. As mentioned, I found the book more powerful. You might also like Baraka - though, it is not exactly the same type of film. Koyaanisqatsi is another film I would like to see - though I think it needs to be seen on the big screen and not a TV.

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