Cough, cough ...

No, I am not sick, but my son Jason is.

He's had a cough that has been getting progressively worse and a bit of nasal congestion. Since there was no fever and no other obvious signs, we figured he would get over it.

This past Monday, I took him to the see the doctor since it was clear things were getting worse and he was prescribed some antibiotics.

On Wednesday, Sofia called and told me he had a fever and his cough was much worse. So I came home to Montreal and took him to the doctor again. This time the doctor prescribed a different antibiotic (this was the one I had initially inquired about - zithromax). It seems to be helping him more than the cefprozil he was initially prescribed.

I have taken today off as well, since Sofia is quite busy at work.

Yesterday we played Spiderman (this is a very low bandwidth site, so you might get a "bandwidth exceeded" page instead) and Batman. He was Spiderman (since the costume fits him) and I was Batman (since the mask sort of fits me and the cape at least hangs off my shoulders).

We also shot some hoops (with a small kids sized basketball and net).

I cooked a Rock Cornish Hen yesterday. I boiled it in the hope of making a soup, but when I put JJ to bed for his nap, I fell asleep too, only to be awakened by a delicious aroma wafting through the house. Jumping out of bed, I noticed the broth had boiled away and what was left was starting to burn. The hen was fine (the kids had that for dinner), but the broth was beyong resurrecting. sigh.

The image was grabbed from here.

[Got to love that blogger spell checker. This time it suggested 'subterranean' for 'Spiderman' and 'abating' for 'wafting'.]


Aw, I hope the little guy gets to feeling better very soon! That Zithromax is good stuff. Only one dose per day for 3-5 days...way easier than twice per day for 10 days!
Richard said…
Precisely why I wanted the Zithromax - I figure 1 dose per day for 5 days is better then 2 doses for 10 days.

It is also a more broad spectrum antibiotic.
Bee said…
Hmn... these days the doctors here seldom prescribe antibiotic as it will weaken our immunse system. Antibiotic will only be prescribed for very serious and prolon cases.

Hope your son gets well fast. Will pray for him.
Richard said…
I only take the kids to a doctor if they have bben sick for a long time or if they are really, really sick.

Overuse of antibiotics is a problem because it leads to drug resistant strains of bacteria.

Jason seems to be doing much better - but now Tania seems to be getting a cold.


It never ends, colds just seem to get passed from one to the other.
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I have experienced some of these side effects -
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