Fourever meme

Borrowed this one from Whirled Peas and will likely borrow another one tomorrow from Icecream.

Four jobs I've had:
Lawn mower
Electronics Technician
Software Engineer
Senior Software Developer

Four movies I can watch over and over:
Forbidden Planet
Van Helsing
Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan

Four places I've lived:
Montreal, Quebec
Toronto, Ontario
Williamstown, Ontario
Ottawa, Ontario

Four TV shows I love:
Doctor Who
SpongeBob SquarePants
Jimmy Neutron
(I assume it refers to currently in production TV shows – those are the only two I will actually go out of my way to try and watch)

Four places I've been on vacation:
Varaderro, Cuba
The Gaspe, Quebec
New York City, NY

Four websites I visit daily:
The Inquirer
Google News
Bloodshed Software Forum

Four of my favorite foods:
Bigos (Polish Hunter’s Stew)
Kluski y roladÄ™ (Dumplings and Meatrolls)

Four places I'd rather be right now:
Sitting on the veranda of a house in the mountains overlooking a snowy landscape.
Hiking through the woods.
Sitting by a fire in the fireplace of a house in the mountains.
Working in my secret laboratory in my secret hideaway.

Four people I want to tag to do this meme:
Anyone with zero or more vowels in their name, but less than 23 vowels.

[Update 01-January-2006 to add two more TV shows so I'll actually have 4 instead of 2]


Barbara said…

I guess that counts me out.

What is Polish Hunters Stew?
Richard said…
Polish Hunter's Stew -> Bigos

Ha! Ha!

Ok, not so funny joke...

Thanks for dropping by Barbara - I think you were the first "foreign" blogger to drop by my blog, but you had sort of stopped dropping by or at least leaving comments. Although recently you have left two or three. Please keep coming back. That way my traffic will increase. Then I will decide it is worthwhile to stick ads on my blog and rake in millions from the ad revenue (no ... not really).

Anyhow, getting back to bigos. In simple terms it is sauerkraut + tomato sauce + mushrooms + seasoning (salt, pepper, snooty people like to put caraway in theirs) + at least 3 different kinds of meat (at least one of which must be smoked). You can throw in other vegetables if you like (carrots, potatoes, parsnips, turnips, etc).

It tastes best at least 24 hours after prepared (to allow the flavours to properly blend). It is the kind of dish that is good to throw you leftover bits of meat into.

You can get a recipe for it here and see a picture of it here.

One tip, avoid any sauerkraut that has wine on the label or vinegar or wine in the ingredients. Sauerkraut has two ingredients: cabbage + salt (I will tolerate sodium metabisulphaite as a preservative - but it doesn't need a preservative) anything else is verbotten. I would also avoid any recipe that adds prunes or caraway to it (but apples are always nice - they sweeten it).

You can read more of my rant on sauerkraut here - although my links don't seem to be working (I wonder why?)
Richard said…
Okay, fixed various hyperlink problems in a number of posts. Seems when copying from Word into blogger quotes "" get changed and blogger gets confused.

Doesn't anyone ever jump to links I provide? Didn't anyone notice they weren't working? sigh.
Hahaha... I like this meme Richard! I saw another one which is more detailed somewhere. Maybe one day I can share it with you too!

Memes are great and can reveal much more than you think. :P

Have a wonderful new year and may all your dreams be fulfilled in 2006! :)

Thanks for being my friend.
Bee said…
"Anyone with zero or more vowels in their name, but less than 23 vowels."

me me me! ... actually almost anyone... hehe
Richard said…
Well, Elvina, I avoid most memes because they are too revealing. ice cream and Whirled Peas both seem to love memes and are not shy about baring all about themselves.

Bee, I was going to say "1 or more vowels" but realized that the Vietnamese have Ng as a name and I didn't want to exclude them ;)

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