How far to your heart?

There are a number of unique Canadianisms (you can look them up on the internet if you like), however, there are three I remember being pointed out to me by international students while I was in University:

(1) We do not measure distance in kilometers or miles, we measure in minutes or hours (which means we are likely ask what mode of transportation you will be using). For example: “How far is it to Elgin and Queen?”

“If you’re walking about an hour, if you’re taking the bus about 20 minutes, and if you’re driving about 10-15 minutes.”

Toronto is about 5 hours from Ottawa (instead of 500 Km) and Montreal is about 2 hours from Ottawa. Vancouver is about 2 to 2-1/2 hours away (by plane) or 4 days (by train).

(2) We talk about the weather a lot (only if the weather is interesting to talk about, otherwise we talk about old weather, “Remember the ice storm of ’99?” ;-)

Not only that, but we have two TV stations (one English, the other French) dedicated to bringing you the weather 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with an honest to goodness live weatherperson giving you updates every 10 minutes.

(3) You can’t buy one pizza – it’s always buy one, get one free (this is not true, many places will happily sell you a single pizza, but most pizza places are of the 2 for 1 variety)

"If you open your heart to a cat and love it forever, it will eventually love you back. - found at The Old New Thing


Bee said…
"If you open your heart to a cat and love it forever, it will eventually love you back.'

Hmmn... I don't think so. Cat is by nature very selfish. But it will be true for a dog though. :)
Richard said…
I just thought it was a cute quote because it is so incongruous with the behavior of a cat. (I often find things that don't make sense funny - like politcal speeches)

I personally, think if you open your heart to a cat, it will eat it ;-)

Dogs are wonderful. We had a beautiful golden labrador retriever. She was extremely intelligent, protective and empathic.

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