Well, for Christmas I got Strep Throat. It started shortly after dinner and was pretty bad by evening. Monday was brutal and since I wasn’t anywhere near getting better by Tuesday I went to see the doctor (which cost $160 – so much for universal healthcare access in Canada – Quebec does not recognize Ontario’s healthcare cards – so I pay now, get reimbursed later).

The nurse who swabbed my throat stuck the swabs quite deeply and forcibly into my throat – advising me that if I gagged she would have to redo it. I didn’t think my throat could hurt more, but after the swabbing it did.

Now I’m on penicillin. My throat still hurts, Some of the swelling has gone down, but not much of the pain has gone away. If I’m not better tomorrow, I will go see the doctor again – I was rather expecting most of the symptoms to disappear within 48 hours.

I was also prescribed an analgesic (benzidamine) gargle to help with the pain. It has no effect. Also bought some over the counter Cepacol – it too has no effect.

Pretty much looks like the inside of my throat at the moment.

Image grabbed from here.


Ms. Q said…
First of all, I'm so sorry you are sick. That is a crummy way to spend the holiday. I hope you feel better soon.

Second, Ewww! That picture is really gross!
letterforyou said…
Ewe! gosh, it really is gross!!
hope u get well soon.

Remembered around this season in 2003, I had a very bad sore throat too, got highly inflammed, lost my voice, had pretty high fever and had to stay in bed for few days till the crossover to 2004.

Take care.
ingrid said…
Poor you! Get well soon! When I had strep throat I bought a freezer full of popsicles... the cold was good on my raw throat...
Richard said…
Thanks for all your sympathy. I'm feeling better today - my throat only burns and slightly hurts rather than the excruciating pain I had the past 3-1/2 days - so I could actually get some food down my gullet.

Ingrid, freezies or posicles would be great, except my kids would eat them before I did :-)

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