Louis Pasteur doesn't live here anymore.

I often find people simultaneously fascinating and unfathomable. They act and behave in ways that leave me perplexed, as though they disengage higher thought processes from normal everyday behavior.

A good example can be found in the supermarket, where people just stop where they please seemingly without regard that (a) they are blocking the aisle, and (b) there are hundreds of other shoppers trying to get around.

Then there are the people walking in front of you who suddenly stop for no apparent reason (maybe to check their purse? suddenly look up and get their bearings?) causing me to almost crash in to them. Don’t these people realize that the sidewalks are filled with pedestrians?

The most recent example was this past weekend when Susana (Sofia’s cousin) suddenly took a swig from Tania’s bottle of water. When we met up with Susana I told her that Tania was sick. We were together for a few hours and Susana could hear Tania’s rich phlegmatic cough. But as we got out of the car and were crossing the parking lot to get to the mall, I watched her bring Tania’s bottle to her lips and take a drink. I was horrified.

When I asked her about it, she then realized it had not been a good idea. Her defense was that she was thirsty. Yesterday she came down with a cold (4 day incubation period).

Do people normally run around with their higher brain functions disengaged? My general experience leads me to say yes. The average person seems to be hardwired to “act first, think later”. On the other hand, I always gather information, analyze, then act. I cannot think of a moment where I was not aware of what I was doing. Nor can I claim that each action of decision was optimal - but, they were mine. Sometimes I wish I could simply stop “thinking” and be more carefree like most people, but I don’t think that is going to happen anytime soon.

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Haha. Well, sometimes people let their minds idle -- because they probably use it too much during work. I may be like that sometimes - but I am more conscious of my silly, insensitive actions. Cos I am a thinker like you are, and I realise such disengaging behaviour can irritate me just as much hahaha....

Well. The world is interesting because they are made of so many different personalities. I guess we do live this matrix - where everyone's lives are somewhat intertwined with us. Hence, bear with it, we must. :P
Barbara said…
I think most of us are on overload and just 'don't think' or are unable. I know that is my excuse!
dandan...™ said…
agreed with elvina, just bear with it..
Richard said…
Yes, I know people don't stop thinking on purpose.

But I find it hard to imagine a state where I am doing something on automatic. I can easily relate to being overloaded. In my recent past I went through a rather long period of finding it very difficult to deal with anything.
Anonymous said…
i felt same way too.
maybe its habitual of some mindless people to do such.
one experience i had was, a teacher drank from my daughter's water-bottle claiming that she's thirsty. i was shocked and angry and reported this matter to the principal. few weeks later, she disappeared and i felt so bad.
i used to get agitated when i see people stopped short at the gangway of escalators/travelators; sometimes my daughter would say "excuse meeeeee"!
some people just didn't get their 'automatic buttons' installed. ;>
Bee said…
Richard, your account reminds me of an incident one year ago.

I was driving on the express way (90km/hr) extreme right lane (or fastest lane) and there was this car that was traveling at only 50km/hr right in front of mine. Even though there were another 6 to 7 cars following behind mine at that incredible slow speed, the driver maintained his speed. I am not sure if there's something in his mind.

After following that car for about 5 min I decided to 'teach the driver a lesson'. I overtook that car and moved in front of it and travelling at 40 km/hr. It worked! The driver moved to a slower lane and we were able to move at a faster speed then.

I think some people do not have basic courtesy or may not be aware of how their behaviour affected others, and we might have to be 'cruel' to be kind at times.
Richard said…
letter for you: I think it is more a question of people their "automatic button" on all the time ratehr than having "cognizance mode" turned on

Can't imagine a teacher taking a swig from my kids bottle. That breaks quite a few perosnal space taboos.

bee: now we see the dark side of bee ;-)

Personally, I would never try to teach another person a lesson. I would have either flashed my high beams at them and passed them at my earliest safe convenience. I have found that passing a car usually gets them to take notice and switch lanes. But if it doesn't? Who cares? I'm ahead of them now anyway!
busybee said…
hehe... wat "dark side", i was help those drivers behind me u know? i freed them!!!! :P

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