Time is money

Last night I was reading Jay Conrad Levinson's "The Way of the Guerrilla - achieving success and balance as an entrepreneur in the 21st century" and he lists this as one of the top myths that people believe in.

As he explains (I am paraphrasing reasonably accurately, because I left the book at home): Time is not money. Time is far more precious than money. If you run out of money, there are a myriad of ways you can generate more. If you run out of time, there is no way you can generate more.

I certainly agree, it was nice to read someone who put it nice and succinctly though.

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Boy, I am feeling the truth in this statement now more than ever! :)

I feel like I've fallen into a hole this whole month of December, barely having time to read my favorite blogs, much less come up with anything coherent to write about. I have one more work day until the holiday break, so in case I don't get to pop up out of my hole again before then, I would like to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! I hope you get some time off to spend at home with your wife and little ones. :)
busybee said…
Time is life itself.
Richard said…
MIO: it is easy for me to say "take it easy", but really you should. I suspect you have some sort of Christmas / New Year deadline. Fortunately, this year we don't have one (we had 3 - I think - but our partners rescheduled them into the Jan / Feb timeframe.

Bee: that is also something Jay Levinson wrote. It is very true. Far to ooften we always put off things, believing we can catch up later. I think I was really blessed with my kids. I have gotten to spend more time with them than the typical dad would. I really cherished the 6 month sabbatical I had with my son earlier this year. Now he is going to a pre-school / daycare program and I miss him. Even at their tender ages (4 and 6) I already miss them because they are leaving home.

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