Blogger Bloke Blocked

They have blocked access to blogger and blogspot at work, so I have been unable to update this blog and visit other blogs (aside form a brief visit to the library on Wednesday).

This started two weeks ago, but I wasn't sure if it was temporary (since it seems to dynamically block sites based on content - sometimes a seemingly innocuous search on Google will have its results blocked). However, since it has persisted this whole week, I presume it is a permanent block.

I suppose a benefit is that I might do more work, another benefit is that I might go to the library some more.


RennyBA said…
What a shame and bad policy. I blog at work but also do work at home. I'm always on, so diverse from home and work is difficult.
Wishing you a lovely Holiday Season:-)
Richard said…
I am sure it is nothing personal, they have to maintain the security and integrity of the network.

I am not sure if they do it internally, or they have an outside source provide the filtering.
Aw shucks! They do this at my school but for a very good reason there!
You took off comment verification? Why?
Richard said…
MOI: I may have found a way around it through
b said…
There is nothing wrong with quality time at the library! :-)

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