Goosey, goosey, gander

About two weeks ago (17-December-2006), I saw Canada Geese not flying in traditional V formation, but more swarm like. This was on the 417 around the Maxville / St. Isidore area (exit 51).

Photo Credits: Richard of Forbidden Planet


Barbara said…
Maybe they are confused by global warming!
TorAa said…
On the other side of the Atlantic, in Norway, we have also Candian Geese, But they stay here all the Winter. In City Parks. On the other hand we have the Grey Geese. I took a short video when they flew south for the season. I'll post it one day. At the day you see the Grey Gees leave, you realise how far North you are living.

Thanks for letting me read your blog.

Have a wonderful New Year.
They hang out here until total freeze up which hasn't happened so we're still seeing many. Some left earlier.
Richard said…
barbara: not sure if they are confused. I think they are just gorging on farmers fields.

toraa: I presume they were Canada geese (I couldn't get a positive ID). Anyone is welcome to come and read and leave comments.

MOI: it is definitely warmer this season, so they have little inclination to leave.
Matt said…
Maybe they were drunk.
b said…
I used to live on a man made lake where Canadian Geese would spend part of their winter. And yes, they do make a grand exit in formation. Great photos.
Richard said…
matt: perhaps they only fly in formation when actually heading somewhere.

My other thought was that there were several disparate groups (because there were thousands of them in the air).

breal: I can see them when they come back in spring, flying in formation in groups of 20+ birds.

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