"Revolution is rarely in itself a pleasant thing.

Even without violence some nice people and nice things tend to get upset."

Greece and the Hellenistic World (1986), John Boardman, Jasper Griffin, Oswyn Murray

(Actually, it is George Forrest in the chapter Greece: The History of the Archaic Period)


that is quite the understatement.
why you talk about revolution? :)
What are you reading?
Richard rules!
run around paris: but it gets your attention. Doesn't it?

ancilla: probably becaus eI dislike revolution. I dislike violence. I dislike destruction.

kaymac: you mean at the moment? "Neogitating with the dead: a writer on writing" by Margaret Atwood. "Prisoner: The Original Scripts" volume 2, "Writers on Writing: guide to writing and illustrating children's books", and "The Paradox of Choice: why less is more" by Barry Schwarz.

matt: only my own little kingdom.
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