"A revolution is not a social dinner,

a literary event, a drawing on an embroidery; it cannot be done with elegance and courtesy. The revolution is an act of violence..."

- Mao Tse-tung


vina said…
i don't believe that a revolution has to be an act of violence. but correct, it couldn't be any of those things mentioned, too.
KayMac said…
Interesting...why did this catch your thoughts?
The Cold War? The Quiet Revolution? Mere semantics?
Richard said…
vina: there are different kinds of revolution, I think Mao had the more popular kind in mind.

kaymac: it caught my attention because it was on the inside cover of a book I had bought and it made me recall another quote about revolution I like (posted on Friday).

MOI: I think Mao was simplt stating he didn't care what happened as long as the ideology was pushed forward (not unlike other political leaders)
Matt said…
Richard rules!
Richard said…
matt: thank you!
Anonymous said…
Giรน la testa!

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