Street price of pate fois gras

In Montreal, the lowest street price I could find for pate-fois-gras was $130 per kilogram.


I don't really know what that is but it can't be worth it! Not even chocolate is worth that!

Have a great Christmas, Richard! Enjoy family.
RennyBA said…
I don't know the price in Norway, but you might beat us this time:-)
Richard said…
MOI: From wikipedia: Foie gras [fwɑ gʁɑ] (French for "fat liver") is defined by French law as "the liver of a duck or a goose that has been specially fattened by force feeding. Along with truffles, foie gras is one of the greatest delicacies in French cuisine—it is very rich and buttery, with a delicate flavour unlike that of a regular duck or goose liver.

rennyba: I thought it was quite expensive. Red deer meat is $55 per Kg.
KayMac said…
thanks for the explanation...i didn't know what it was either. now i will have to try some! i will start saving now, and maybe by next year??? wink
Coffee fairy said…
I didn't really like foie gras, it taste and feels like I am eating butter. My french colleagues had a good laugh when they saw how I ate it like a spread on bread, they said it's not eaten that way, just slice a little piece and place on top of a small portion of bread. I told them it's the same thing, it'll still go to my stomach anyway I eat it. heehee. =P
Richard said…
kaymac: hmmmm ... I thought everyone knew what foie-gras was.

coffee fairy: I don't recall having it either. I gave it as a gift to my parents (I am famous for given food as Christmas gifts). I see nothing wrong with spreading it on bread like butter - in fact, that it the way I would eat it. Certainly, it is the way I eat any pate.

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