Borrowing a meme

Found this on ms. q's blog, so I thought, I would give it a whirl.


ghee said…
You totally live in your own planet?
thats why this is your forbidden planet :)

adorable and,does it suit you? :)
TorAa said…
What a wonderful planet. What does it take take to live there.LoL.
b said…
is your own planet a forbidden one? :-)
tin-tin said…
adorable and innocent? wow! hehehe
hey this blog is quite cool. I love the hot pink and layout. :)

how have you been my friend? How's life? I have finally gotten over the gruelling period which lasted for three months!!

now i am just trying to wind down slowly and take more time to go through everyone's blogs and comments, and also to pen down my thoughts.

WriteClique has also been keeping me busy and I am very happy to see it grow from only 30+ members to 103 now. :)

Miss you dearly and during these Dec holidays, I will be online more often to catch up with you and the rest!

Take care and ....have a jolly merry superb Christmas!!

God bless!
KayMac said…
Ok, after the quotes on revolution, it was rather funny to read that you are like a basket of kittens, etc.

Matt said…
Richard rules!
Richard said…
ghee: it sometimes seems I live in my own world. I am very idealistic.

toraa: in general, I Like it. All it takes is believing that the world is full of nice people who all want to live cooperatively together.

breal: it is not so much forbidden as off the beaten path.

tin-tin: remember, I can choose which memes to post.

elvina: are you really back? It takes a confident man (and an understanding wife) to sport pink.

I figured it would only be a matter of time before you buried yourself in a whirlwind of projects. You have that air about you. I did sign up for writeclique (but I think I forgot my logon and password).

Hope to see you around some more. You were a great cheerleader in the early days of my blog.

kaymac: it si sort of the way my mind works. Sometimes I think I might be ADD, but generally, I Can hold a thought long enough to be coherent, so maybe I just have a really short atention span.

matt: yay! my #1 fan.
ingrid said…
I'm happy to hear about your sweetness. I always suspected as much.
Apparently I'm kind of creepy.
I have the "midas touch"...
Richard said…
ingrid: you mean everything you touch turns to gold? I can believe that.

Remember, I get to choose which mean results I post, so the ones that paint me a psychopath don't see light of day ;-)

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