Into the Twilight Zone

As I drove home to Montreal last night, there was a moment when I felt I had entered into "The Twilight Zone".

It was a dark overcast night, no stars, no moonlight. There was a thin fog. You really didn't experience while driving. The headlights did not diffuse in it, but you could see it in diffuse lights of distant farm houses.

At one point, while driving, everything was black, all I could see was the road in front of me and the lines on the road, beyond that I was just driving into darkness. At that moment, my mind thought, "Where am I going?" (a silly question since the 417 heads straight from Ottawa to Montreal - it changes into the 40 at the Quebec-Ontario border).

Sometimes, it does not take a lot to make one question where one is going - just darkness, the road and white lines.

Image copyright by me.


Barbara said…
There's always that fear when we can't see what lies ahead. I know it all too well. Then we must just trust and that is hard to do.
b said…
I had a similar moment to this a few days ago, driving home in thick fog. I knew exactly where the road turned and where I was headed...but for a moment I stopped and thought about the possibility of what it would be like if I didn't know where I was headed. It was pretty symbolic for me.
You must get lulled into nothingness sometimes..kinda like being on mindless auto-cruise.
Richard said…
barbara: I knew what was ahead, the road and the white lines. I have travelled this road several hundred times over the past few years, it just suddenly seemed not to be the road I had travelled so often.

breal: you did? Wow! How cool is that? It is one of those irrational things that just creeps you out at the moment.

MOI: I find retreating into that mindless nothingness to be a defensive measure, in my case, of getting away from reality. Kind of like retreating until things blow over.
TorAa said…
I know how that feels. A bit scary. The last two weekends I've been driving 200 km and 750 km in the dark, heavy trafic (no motorway) - one lane each direction - and on top: Rain.
Took me several hours to recover after those trips. And here in Southern Norway it's pretty dark at 3:30 pm.
Coffee fairy said…
oh that eerie feeling... =S
Richard said…
toraa: I dislike driving in the rain. I don't mind the dark. The rain reflects the ligh tin ways that make it ifficult to see properly. Why in the world would you be driving so much in Norway? (Of course, perhaps this question just serves to show my total ignorance of Norway).

coffee fairy: have you ever gotten it too? That sensation where something you have done hundreds of times suddenly becomes surreal - perhaps for only a moment, perhaps for longer.
Matt said…
I like the picture. You know, we had the most beautiful sunrise today but I didn't take any pictures. I regret it now.

But the sun shall rise again. I think.
Richard said…
matt: actually it was a sunset.

Always keep your camera handy and take pictures whenever you think it is worth it. That is what I am trying to do.

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