"It could be worse."

I wonder how that is supposed to help console a person.

Imagine: You lose your job, your home burns down, your spouse leaves and your kids get eaten by alligators.

"It could be worse."

Great! So I could go even lower.

[Note: none of these things have happened to me. I am just musing.]

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ghee said…
oh,thats great...it doesnt matter if i got lower :)
b said…
haha...i love when you throw these phrases into your posts! yes, this one is oh so comforting, isn't it?
There's a great kids' book called, "Could Be Worse"...a little zany and then the kids add some of their own!
Matt said…
You're a genious. I like this post.
Richard said…
ghee: really? most people don't like to go down there.

breal: I'm glad you enjoyed it. There are lots of thing sin life we don't give a second thought because they are so common place. But, from time to time, something in our head goes, "Wait a minute ..."

MOI: Actually, it sounds like a good premise for a kids book. Children seem to like it when things go strange - although, sadly, some books and films seem forced, whereas others flow naturally.

matt: am I really? Thank you.
KayMac said…
Once, my husband was being laid off. We wondered if we would lose our home. My friend listened and then said, "Did I tell you we finished decorating our (huge, expensive) house?" I had to laugh at her words of comfort. (I don't think she ever knew why that made me laugh!)
freckled-one said…
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freckled-one said…
Things could always be worse.. yes absolutely. =o)
Richard said…
kaymac: perhaps she was just trying to take you mind off things, or (and this is the more sad possibility) she simply wasn't listening and what was going on with you wasn't resgistering with her.

freckled-one: maybe they could, maybe they couldn't - but do you think being reminded that they could get worse is any comfort?

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