Damn the torpor and full speed ahead!

Ah, if only it was so easy.

I give in far too often to bouts of listlessness and unproductivity. Other times, I am able to rouse myself and do things. Funny thing is that I always feel better when I am doing things, but even so, I still let sloth drown me in its viscousness.

A corollary to this is knowledge acquisition without putting it to use. I am really, really good at gobbling up books and information, but then letting hesitancy stop me from applying it.

Maybe I will go and wash the dishes and see how that helps - seemed to work yesterday. I followed up the dishes with preparing turkey soup, some chicken Tandoori and spaghetti with meat sauce.

For the curious, I am in Montreal watching over the kids while Sofia is in Quito, Ecuador on business.

I also enabled word verification for comments because I was getting too many spam comments (personally, I hate it. Unless blogger allows me to delete comments after they have been posted, I have no choice. Comment moderation is even less appealing to me).

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Barbara said…
Wow! When you cook, you really cook. I am impressed. I think winter breeds indifference. We spend so much energy trying to stay warm that we just don't have a lot left over to put into anything else.
Yikes what a discertation! I'll be quick! So are you not working in Ottawa while Sofia is away? it's too much to commute daily, I imagine but don't really know.
Nice change of pace for you though. it'd be nice if you could do part of your job at home some days.
Keep cookin' Dad!
Richard said…
barbara: oh, I don't have to wait until winter to accomplish nothing. I am perfectly capabel of doing that any time.

I do like cooking. Now, if I could only peruade the kids to eat it.

MOI: it would appear that my first day with the word verification has not turned out too well. The nature of my work does not let me work from home. When Sofia is not around, either I am in Montreal, or I bring the kids to Ottawa.
tin-tin said…
hahaha. so that's it. coz sofia is not there, hehehe.
vina said…
i also have the tendency to put off things sometimes. but often times it's because i tell myself i deserve to cut myself some slack.

but when i work and get busy, i really work and get busy...until i tell myself, usually in the middle of the whole frenzy, that i deserve to cut myself some slack. :P
RennyBA said…
I really hope the dinner tasted good because it sounds delicious!

If you like to try a traditional Norwegian Yule dish, your welcome over:-)
i understand. i am the most complacent (i.e. laziest) person you'll ever meet. ;)
b said…
I am so similar. I really devour books and am in constant purusit of some kind of knowledge. Yet, what do I do with that knowledge?! And I too feel more fulfilled when productively engaged in some kind of active pursuit (beyond pursuing knowledge)..and yes, that makes me wonder why I allow myself to fall into these fits of apathy when it comes to doing anything. Hmm...
Richard said…
tin-tin: hmmm ... I am not sure I understand.

vina: that is another way of putting. I need as much slack as I can get.

rennyba: the food was good (so long as I stay conservative and traditional). A few Christmasses ago I had prepared herring, sour cream and beat salad - did not go over too well with my Peruvian guests (who would never consider mixing sour fish with anything dairy).

run around paris: hmmm ... we will have to have a complacency contest and see which of us refuses to not do something first :-)

breal: it is a rare trait. I find most people are not terribly avid knowledge acquisitors. A Japanese friend of mine described it as hunger - when she was hungry, she read and learned, until the hunger was satisfied.
Matt said…
I was waiting for you to make us type those impossible words.

I just got ximdnhcc, thank you very much.

But I understand where you're coming from. And you still rule. :)
Richard said…
matt: I have turned off the magic word since I am now able to delete comments I don't want. Must have been one of those blogger idiosyncracies that got fixed when I asked how to delete spam comments.

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