Going! Going!

Ever have your brain seize up on you such that you can't recognize a word?

I was reading something and the word going came up. My brain wasn't going anywhere, rather it was going, "Goy-ng? Goy-ng? What is goy-ng?"


KayMac said…
LOL. That happened to me once w/ the word Spring. (I was under 21 at the time, so I know it had nothing to do w/ age...perhaps just a little brain misfiring!)
RennyBA said…
What your focused on, you get more of you know:-)
Barbara said…
Maybe you need to take a break! My mind is more likely to blank over people's names. But words seldom fail me.
going = gooooy-yong! it's funny how the longer you stare at, listen to or contemplate a word, it sounds more and more like ridiculous nonsense.
freckled-one said…
That happens to me when I say a word too often. Almost as though it's lost it's meaning.
tin-tin said…
hahaha. what's happening to you? goyng? hehee ;p
Matt said…
Ha ha ha! I'm telling you, you're a genious!! That's just great!
Anonymous said…
I'm Mary,
from Thailand,
and I'm 20 y.o

Hi, All
I've studied English sinse this Spring .
It's very difficult for Me! Really hard!
I would like like to meet girls and practisice My English with them.

Thank You
Richard said…
kaymac: I don't know why it happened, but for some reason I was unable to recognize the word. I kept thinking, maybe it is a typo, maybe they meant "boing". But that did not make sense in the context.

rennyba: there are some who consider that to be a fundamental law of the universe - the universe gives you more of what you focus on.

barbara: I don't recall another instance when this happened. It was definitely odd.

run around paris: at least it does with "going" for me. There are a number of words that don't look right. I remember requesting someone to resend and e-mail because I couldn't find the original. The e-mail came with the clarifier, "I resent it" (play with the sound s and z).

freckled-one: I don’t think I have worn out any words lately.

tin-tin: I don't know, it probably was a blue-screen of death moment (BSOD) at the time.

matt: I didn't feel like such a genius, especially since I went and looked it up.

mary: Thanks for leaving a comment mary. Generally, learning a foreign language is hard. Especially if it is very different from your native tongue. I would suggest you get a blogger account and then people can interact with you on your blog.
Actually this has happened to me often...I read a sign on a pub that said "Chess and Checkers" and I read it as "Cheese and Crackers"!
vina said…
goyng...goyng...gone :P

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