Article 8(j)

Who wouldn't be proud to see their spouse sitting on a panel at a UN conference?

Sofia is in Spain for 2 weeks attending 2 conferences. Conference 1 comes to an end this week and conference 2 starts next week.

Image nabbed from here.


ingrid said…
I liked the name of the panel... "Ad Hoc Open-Ended Inter-sessional Working Group".

Very good.
Richard said…
It is the UN, what can you expect?

Being a technical sort of person I have a great deal of difficulty understanding anything that does not produce concrete results. So I have a great dela of difficulty in understanding how "non-produvtive" work can actually be of any use and that people actually get paid for it. This applies to bureaucracies, lawyers, philosophers, artists, etc. I had thought about studying philosophy at one point, but I couldn't figure out what I would do with a degree in it. For me, it was a nice thing for personal development, but not practical for feeding myself.

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