Metallic bitters

It has been 10 days since I came down with strep throat. At least I'm able to swallow without fear (actually swallowing was pretty much back to normal after 5 days of being on antibiotics).

The main gripe I have now is that things still taste and feel funny in the mouth and throat. There seems to be a perpetual bitter metallic taste which seems to start deep in my throat and extend all the way up into my nose.

Food hasn't tasted right in over a week! (ok, ok, a week if you ignore the fact I didn't eat the first 3 days of the infection). A mandarin should be sweet and juicy leaving me with a "ah, that was refreshing" sensation. But instead it is a one-dimensional, metallic taste sensation. Food has lost its pleasure - ok, maybe that is a good thing, but I can hardly wait until I can pop something in my mouth and say "Yum!"

Aside from that, I've got extremely dry and cracked lips. Frilly little painful fjords are breaking out. Not sure if this is par for the course with strep, a side effect of the antibiotic (novamoxin), or just too little humidity in the house (but Sofia and Tania sleep fine, only JJ and I - the two sickos - find the house too dry, waking up frequently to get a sip of water to soothe our arid throats and moisten our parched lips)

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letterforyou said…
your taste-receptors cells are probably dead, haha! by those medications that u took. receptor cells are renewed in 10days or so. otherwise, suggest u add lots of 'msg'(monosodium glutamate) in food to enhance your flavors; BUT beware of side-effects! ;>
take care!
My guess is that the metallic taste is a side-effect of the meds. I've experienced that feeling before too...yech! I hope you're feeling better (and food is tasting better) soon. :)
Richard said…
LFY: MSG is out in my house. I was horrified to discover my wife cooked with it (fortunately, we resolved that and divorce was not necessary ;-)

MSG is out for the more practical reason that it seems to worsen my son's eczema (as does dairy and peanuts - pizza is the worst). Officially, he is not allergic to anything, but as his parents, we see how his eczema flares up after those foods (and takes ages to calm down).

MIO: It might be the meds, but I Can assure you that the strep did a very pretty number on my throat - it was incredibly swollen - so I'm pretty sure all that inflamation had a factor in throwing off the bitter taste recetors (which are at the very back of the mouth). Sweet, sour, and salt still seem to be okay, but there is just somethign at the back of the throat that puts it all off.

Chocolate is another really interesting taste experience, it tastes okay in the front of the mouth - much as you would expect, but it does something wicked going down the throat, making you think "hmmm, do I really want ot continue this experience?" The darker the chocolate, the more "interesting" the experience.
Bee said…
hey, take good care....

so far my 'prescription' of fresh lemon with honey for my frens with such condition seems to work very well... give it a try. :)
letterforyou said…
oh dear! didn't know 'MSG' could be one serious factor in divorce?! ;> (will not bring that up anymore) hehe! hope your bitterness gone!
Richard said…
Bee: I do tend to have hot lemonade when I am sick - fresh made and sweetened with honey.

I also like a chinese product called Nin Jiom, which is a honey based product.

Honey is a common ingrediant in Polish home remedies for colds.

LFY: Ha Ha! I was just kidding, but I grew up in a household where MSG was banned (of course it crept in through other things like stock seasoning, soya sauce, etc). But, right now, it is banned because, as mentioned, JJ seems to react very badly to it (even if the doctors say that is not true).

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