Substitute for real content

In lieu of real content, I'll just post a pic of my kid's from June-2005.

Copyright of the image is mine.


LawSchoolDoll said…
You're a lucky man. Kids that cute don't come easy. :)
Anonymous said…
Yes, both you and your wife are real lucky to have such adorable kids; just by looking at their smiles makes me smile too!
Hey, my gal wears such smile too, her school's principal always tells the other pupils to keep smiling like her, haha!
Anyway, if richard jr. is the replica of his dad, then I guess you're quite adorable too, hehehe!
Bee said…
thanks for sharing the pic... u are blessed! :)
Richard said…
lawschooldoll: It's pretty basic biology. Although, I did screen out those pictures where one or the other was looking dopey.

LFY: kids are a wonderful blessing. They are also extremely tiring and demanding (as you no doubt know). The interesting thing is that going from 1 kid to 2 is not a simple doubling of work and effort - it is really more like going from 1 kid to 10.

Smiles always make people more attractive and approachable.

Dad is much older than JJ, overweight and tired looking these days. My avatar is me when I was 10, and you can find a more recent picture of me here and 10 year old one here.

bee: hugging them gives me the most contentment I can get in life.
oh my...RIchard. How cute the kids are! They bring a smile to my otherwise dreary week! :)
Richard said…
Thanks Elvina.

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