Working too hard?

I have no idea what they are selling. And this marks the first time I've done two posts in one day.

If you disable ActiveX controls and such, then you can see it at this link.

If you see nothing, then you need to go and get Shockwave installed.

If all you hear is that space wind in the background then you need to either (1) wait until it finishes playing 2'26", or (2) scroll down the page until you get to the media bar on the left side and hit stop.

You need to press play to start the video (at least I do).

[Updated 30-January-2006 to provide external link for those who do not run ActiveX controls from my blog.]


LawSchoolDoll said…
Ha! I feel just like this man. Thanks for the smile to start my day. Btw, how do you post videos? I tried to figure it out and couldn't get anywhere. Help would be appreciated.
Anonymous said…
Indeed, I spend two-thirds of my working hours holding a 'mouse' - hope I won't end up like him.
have a good day!
ingrid said…
Nice spam response for lenny...
Richard said…
lawschooldoll: thanks for dropping by.

I grabbed the video from google videos. This is the original link

They have an option that allows you to post it to your webpage - just select the HTML code, cut and paste.

Of course, you can then look at the HTML code and figure out how to post your own videos (maybe).

lenny thanks for dropping by my blog (although I really think you are an automated spam robot - you can always prove me wrong, but two identical comments in two posts?). I'm wondering if I should start requiring people to type in a verification code (much as it annoys me on other peoples blogs - especially when it is something like ijliiilij because the smearing they apply makes it difficult to work out the letters sometimes. Have you ever had to type in that verification word 3 times? sigh.

LFY: I hope you don't either.

ingrid: glad I made you laugh. Yes, maybe lenny has been working a tad hard lately ;-)
Raidho said…
Now if only he'd used a trackball she would think he was gently stroking the back of her had in a really romantic way!
Richard said…
raidho: Cool observation! (I'm an optical mouse type guy myself)

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