Happy Birthday!

Today Sofia celebrates an indeterminate age (as she has for the last many years ;-)

There are things I'd like to say
to you my love on your special day:

I am forever thankful God sent you my way.

Like a gift from up above,
you showed me how it is to feel real love.

I know many mountains we've had to climb
and sometimes forever has seemed like a very long time.

Yes, we've endured our share of pain,
but together we have so much to gain.

Bigger mountains may lie ahead,
but together there is no hill we can not tread.

So always remember my love for you,
and there is nothing together we can not do.

I'll be here forever - my love is true.
The person beside me, that would be you.

Poem was nabbed from here.

Picture is an original of us at the Colca Canyon in Peru (1996) - hence copyright is mine.


Anonymous said…
Happy Birthday to your wife!
I so envy her! ;> and am sure she's forever thankful to have a husband like you too!
cheers! to you both!
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Aw, a very Happy (belated) Birthday wish to Sofia! And what a glorious (and sweet) photo!

I'm back at work (as of yesterday) and resuming battle with the evil lab problem. Hopefully I'll get a new post up soon as well.

Happy New Year, Richard! :)
Bee said…
that's nice! :)

happy birthday, Sofia! may you always cherish your days with richard.
Richard said…
LFY: Thank you. I hope she is thankful too ;) It is not always easy being a good husband.

MIO: Thanks. Happy New Year to you too. I'm lucky in that I can do most of my work on a simulation platform at my desk. The few times I actually need to go into the lab it is usually to try and debug timing issues that don't show up on the simulator.

Bee: Thanks Bee, I hope I give her much to cherish.

Hi Maurice: hmmm ... not sure what to make of you. Your blog has few posts, but a lot of profile views. However, you are always welcome to read my blog. Sorry I can't leave comments on yours.

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