Bagged or bagless?

About six months ago, our vacuum cleaner broke (well, it had been gradually falling apart over the years, but the main floor sweeping / rug beating attachment finally gave out).

It was a rather expensive canister type bagged vacuum cleaner we had bought at Sears. It served us well.

When looking for a replacement, we decided to go with an upright bagless type. It is much easier to use and vacuuming is much less a chore than with the other. However, we have discovered two major problems. The first is that an upright vacuum does not fit under the furniture (whereas the business end of the old vacuum cleaner fit under no problem) – consequently this necessitates much more furniture moving.

The second problem, which for me is extremely significant, is that bagless vacuum cleaners suck! Sure, there may be no messy bag to replace, but the vacuum cleaner has an air filter that needs to be periodically cleaned. In our case, every time we decide to use the vacuum cleaner (sometimes we can skip a cleaning). Cleaning the filter is extremely messy. The filter probably doesn’t need to be cleaned tha toften if all you are vacuuming up is cereal and rice. But, most of what we pick up is dust and dust clogs the filter terribly.

Next time I buy a vacuum, it will definitely be a bagged one.

What looks like our current vacuum cleaner is here.

Something similar to old faithful can be found here this (except it is green).


CrystalLime said…
u can try the water-based vacuum cleaning system. i have heard rave reviews about them from housewives!
I am glad to hear this about the bagless vacuum. I always figured I would like that better. I think my sister's (Lunafish) vacuum is water-based (it's a Rainbow vac). I've been lusting after one of those for years because it makes her house smell SO fresh and clean, but alas, they are expensive.
Richard said…
I have never heard of water based vacuum cleaners. I can look into them - but I think a bagged system is probably fine.

Thanks for providing me with new info.
Bee said…
oh ya.. i used rainbow vac b4... expensive but powerful.

currently my vac is bagless too, philip brand... i just need to remove the container for washing when too much dirt are accumulated.
Haha - you are really something Richard. You can always write about something so simple and make it so interesting!

WAter based vacuum cleaners are good for vacuuming upholstery, carpets and cloth-based furniture.
Richard said…
Bee: Isn't there a filter that gets clogged up? Maybe the Philips brand is different. If it wasn't for the filter clogging up, I wouldn't have any real problem with the bagless. Maybe my house is just more dusty.

Elvina: Thanks for the compliment. I always hope that my posts are at least of some interest to someone.
Bee said…
oh, the one i m using has a transparent exterior, so i can see if the filter is clogged or full of dirt. I will take it out to wash regularly.
Richard said…
Well Bee, I wouldn't mind it so much if I didn't have to clean the filter every one or two uses.

My filter looks like a paper one, so washing it would likely destroy it and replacement filters are quite expensive (compared to bags).

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