Successful Christmas gifts

Sure, the Christmas season may be over and we have all turned back into pre-festive pumpkins, but ... it is always interesting to see what gifts we ached over ended up being a hit with the kids.

For Jason it's really a no brainer. His favourite gift, bar none is a $1 plastic sword and sheath I bought for him. He carries it with him at all times, stuck in his pants ready to do battle with foreboding enemies at the slightest provocation. He was so enamoured with it that the night he got it (we open gifts on the 24th after dinner) that he refused to be bathed without his sword. Sofia had to fasten it to his nakedness before he consented to being bathed.

With Tania, it is a bit more difficult, but I think she really enjoys her Princess Monopoly gift. We've played it a number of times and so far she is not tiring of it. The game is actually a bit more fun than real Monopoly since it is a little faster paced and not so complicated.

Images were found here and here.

Hmmm ... Blogger is stil not forwarding comments to my e-mail - I wonder why? Anyone else experiencing this problem?


This was the first year that my kids asked only for clothes and music cds (no toys). It is amazing how much pressure it took off of trying to come up with gift ideas. I remember my son being quite fond of a little plastic sword as well...that is such a sweet age! :)
I suggest you drop them an email - and put in the subject: URGENT - COMMENTS NOT FORWARD TO EMAIL.

They are usually quite responsive I must say hahaha.. :)

good luck dude!
Bee said…
u may try sending your comment to a different email acount... it might work.
Richard said…
MIO: Welcome back! Seems you have disappeared under a mountain of work the past many weeks.

Elvina: if nobody else is havin gthis problem, then I will go and bug them. It is just that sometimes these are systemic problems (sourceforge has tons of them - irritating bugs fester in their forums for weeks and months).

Bee: But then I would have to set up another e-mail account (not like I have too few of them to begin). Besides I prefer to have everything going to one place.

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