Enter the new year

(yes, a dull and unimaginative title)

Looking back at 2005 I have:

- enjoyed a 6 month leave of unpaid absence from work

this was a wonderful time of bonding between me and JJ. I also discovered that I am not really able to accomplish a whole lot with a kid running around the house. So the dream of jump starting a new career during that time fizzled. On the other hand, my sense of desperation at leaving my job for anything else faded.

- stepped out of despondency

I can't claim this is a result of any effort on my part, but it is nice to no longer have dark shadows crossing my soul. I may not have found my path yet, but at least I am enjoying the sunshine.

- started blogging

while the first few months were slow and uninspired. For some reason I started acquiring new friends through my blog beginning at the end of September. People who presence and comments have added colour, sounds, aromas and textures to my journey.

- not yet done my 2004 taxes

Well, not everything is perfect, I hope to get it done before the revenue department sends me friendly reminder letter (like they did for my 2003 taxes - actually, they sent me two).

- registered a number of domain names and set up a personal web site

I Registered my surname and set up a web site for it. Not that it has had anything more interesting than

Welcome to my web page.

Over time, I will gradually fill this in with links and articles on my interests, background, etc

for the last 7 months or so.

I also registered about a dozen other domain names. For those who are curious, I used 10 Dollar.ca since they had the lowest cost for domain registration - $10.45 per year (US or CDN depending on the domain suffix).

So what is coming up for 2006?

I haven't got a clue. We certainly cannot continue living and working in two different cities. Over this Christmas break, I seriously considered quitting my job ... but held back since there are still unknowns I need to quantify. It is not because I hate my job, but rather because I want to move forward and do something more fulfilling and meaningful with my life.

I have a gut feeling that something interesting is going to happen this year. No facts, no reasons, just a feeling. Maybe it is nothing more than a wishful illusion.

I want to expand further on my anemic web site. I did start writing more detailed pages, but I haven't gotten around to uploading them yet.

For those who believe in fortune telling / destiny or other you might want to check out what kind of pie you should be :-)

You Are Apple Pie

You're the perfect combo of comforting and traditional
Those who like you crave security

Image is an original and consequently, copyright belongs to me.


Bee said…
Good to know of your achievement and progress...

- "6 month leave of unpaid absence from work"
hmmn, me too :)

- "stepped out of despondency"
similar here...hehe

- "People who presence and comments have added colour, sounds, aromas and textures to my journey."
yes, yes... u did that to me too. thanks!

- "registered a number of domain names and set up a personal web site"
i m thinking of doing that too.

Glad that you have a good start. Keep it up! :)
Lunafish said…
Wow, six months off. I haven't had six months off since...er, never. Glad you started blogging. I'm often inspired and a blog of my own stems from something you've said. Your post "Elixir" where you list your aspirations was thought provoking.
One thing on my list of 2006 to-do's is to watch the movie, "Forbidden Planet" I don't recall ever seeing it. If it is on your watch over and over list, then I must at least see it once.
ingrid said…
"I have a gut feeling that something interesting is going to happen this year."

How wonderful.
ingrid said…
Yaay! I'm cherry pie. My favorite in the real world. :)
Richard said…
Lunafish: I am glad I am able to inspire you. I've seen Forbidden Planet more than 30 time (more than 20 in the theatre - we used to have fantastic repertory cinemas in Montreal). The movie is hopelessly naive, but I still enjoy it anyway. Walter Pidgeon is fantastic in the role of Dr. Morbius. It might be hard to watch Leslie Nielson playing a straight character rather than someone pulling deadpan punches.

Ingrid: It's a good feeling (of course, it might be just as empty as the feeling that I'm destined to win the lottery jackpot everytime I purchase a ticket ;-)

Cherry pie is great too. As is sugar pie, blueberry pie, pumpkin pie, hmmm ... pretty much any pie it would seem ;-)

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