Just realized that today is Friday the 13th. A day of bad luck. Technically, the fear of Friday the 13th is called Paraskavedekatriaphobia.Fortunately, there is help. If that doesn’t work, you can try here.

Personally, I don’t believe in superstitions (although, others might argue that my religious faith is one big superstition).

Scouring the internet for ways of weaseling myself out of having to come up with anything original to say, I’ve decided to post these superstitions about love for all the romantics.

For a girl to meet her sweetheart or to kiss him for the first time under the light of a new moon is considered to be exceptionally lucky, for it means that she will soon become his bride, that their marriage will be blessed with undying love, and that neither of them will know the pinch of poverty.

The meeting-place of lovers should be upon a hillside, especially where there is heather, near a stream or river, on the seashore, or in the heart of a wood, for then, it is said, neither will deceive the other but will for ever remain constant. Poplar trees should always be avoided.

When writing a letter to a sweetheart it is lucky to complete it just as the clock strikes the hour of midnight, and to post the missive while the full moon is shedding its soft light over the housetops.

A broken sixpence, of which the man and the girl each keep a piece, ensures that they will never part

Possessing of a lock of the other's hair, tied to form a lovers' knot, is an assurance of lasting affection.

Betrothed persons should not be photographed together, else they will soon be doomed to part, or their marriage will be an unhappy one.

Quarrels and inconstancy are near at hand if sweethearts should look together through glass at the new moon.

Those who wish their love affairs to run smoothly should avoid meeting each other on the stairs, and should on no account kiss or embrace there.

Discord is predicted if sweethearts write love letters in ink of any colour other than blue, or in pencil.

Kisses, in the form of crosses, at the end of the letter, their number should not be four, seven, or thirteen; three is the luckiest number.

It is unlucky for love letters to be posted either on Christmas Day or on February 29.

Great care should be taken not to drop a letter to your sweetheart when you are taking it to the post, for, if you do, the next time you meet you will quarrel.

Remember that it is unlucky to receive a pair of gloves as a gift from your lover, for it means a parting; the same applies to a brooch or a knife, but it is said that the ill luck may be warded off if a small coin is given in exchange.

It is very unlucky for a girl to try on her wedding-ring before the ceremony, for it often results in a sudden termination of the engagement or in an unhappy marriage.

Superstions (slightly editted) were grabbed from here, where you can find more love related superstitions.

Image grabbed from here.


Colleen said…
Great list of superstisions. Thanks for stopping in at my blog.
Raidho said…
If or when I find another or re-kindle the past then I shall bear these all in mind!

Aren't all faiths based on superstition? My interpretation is that it's just belief by another name - believe in either with enough sincerity and be rewarded or forever cursed...

Thanks for your kind comment on my blog. We have both been to a similar place. Pray to your God and my Gods that we never go there again.
Richard said…
colleen: thanks for stopping by. You are always welcome to come by again.

raidho: True, one person's faith may be another's superstition. Part of my nature is to question everything - including my own faith. I believe that faith is believing in something that is true, but not understood and superstition is believing in something that is untrue as though it were true. I shall pray that you emerge from your cold and foreboding darkness into the warm light of day.

Thanks for dropping by as well and you are always welcome to drop by again.
Good list, esp useful for romantics like me..

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