Let it snow

While it had snowed in Ottawa and Montreal earlier in December (starting with freezing rain December 1st), it had all melted due to rather warm weather later in the month. Consequently we had a green Christmas. However, today it is snowing and things are getting pretty nice and white.

Backyard and apple tree in Montreal Christmas day
Boxing day morning, same tree and backyard
The same scene with a bit more snow
Close up of snowy branches on the apple tree
Snow covered main street, near the house in Montreal
Some icicles hanging on a ceder hedge at the home in Ottawa

Photo credits: Richard (me) of Forbidden Planet.

[Updated 13:18, 26-December-2006 to add a few more photos]


I'm envious! Here, in the banana belt of Ontario, it is wet snow and nothing is on the ground. The ski places to the north of us are going to take a beating and the prediction at www.weathernetwork.com is for sunny and above normal temps until Jan. 10th. Getting a bit weird and a bit scary at this point..Our weather really is changing.

Enjoy it!

Thanks so much for your card,Richard! We did have a good Christmas and are heading to Toronto to repeat the whole thing at my parents today. I can laugh at all the crazy people crowding the Malls!
KayMac said…
thanks for the card! my daughter said it did not feel like Christmas w/o snow...which is surprising to hear from her since she spent the first 11 years of her life in Florida over Christmas! I hear the snow is on its way to Michigan...nice pics btw
Richard said…
MOI: The snow is pretty wet and heavy. Climate change is a normal part of planet Earth's modus operandi. Just be grateful you were not around 10000 years ago, when this place was covered in 2000m of snow and ice.

kaymac: Tania said the same. Today, when Jason saw the snow he said, "It's snowing! Santa always comes when it snows! Where are my presents?"
Barbara said…
Looks like you got your White Christmas a day late! What's your take on the origin of "Boxing Day"? I heard all sorts of possible explanations today as I drove to work.
b said…
I am envious as well! I would love a snowy Christmas myself...even if it did come to you a day late, it is great to have snow this time of year. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas with your family, Richard.
Cavalock said…
Hah…we been having one of the heaviest rainfalls in years here. Flash floods across the island. Have a friend in Vancouver, she says it hasn’t started snowing yet.
tin-tin said…
thank you so much for the e-cards!!!! i'm really touched.

thank you for all the nice comments you said in my blog. for sharing your favorite books, for sharing to us a lot of stories. i hope in 2007, you'll have more chance to relax and more time to see the outside world. hehehe. God bless you always :)
RennyBA said…
Woow snow - I envy you as we miss the White Christmas in Norway. Must be hundreds of years since we didn't have snow:-(

But: We manage quite well as we still have enough food - so welcome over:-)
My husband would be there in a flash, carrying his skis! 2000 metres! Man, what a base! HA! HA! (And I think his beard gets the frozen-South-Pole-explorer look now when he's out!)
Richard said…
barbara: I have no idea. I did a little research and it appears there is no consensus (aside from it being a strictly British and Commonwealth tradition). It surprises me that there was no reference to early usage of the term. My personal bet is on it referring to the openning of church donation boxes and disbursement of funds to needy. The explanations that boxes of gifts were given by the wealthy to the poor seems more contrived (unless the use of boxes was far more prevalent in the past than I think). I think bags would have been significantly cheaper than boxes.

breal: it has now snowed for 3 days (in varying amounts). There is always a January thaw that occurs, so it might melt yet.

cavalock: I don't think Vancouver ever sees much snow.

tin-tin: thank you. It has been a pleasure to visit and leave comments.

rennyba: at least be thankful this isn't 10,000 years ago and Norway is under a few hundred (thousand?) metres of sno and ice. You can always put a little food aside for me.

MOI: that was the best part of having a beard - the breath freezing into ice on it.
Matt said…
Great pictures, Richard. I especially like the snowy street. I've got a thing for perspective shots. Well done!

We still have no snow around my neighborhood. We did get a couple of snowflakes on the 25th, but nothing that made a difference. It's all green.
busybee said…
Hey, you have 4 seasons there, we have one.
You have summer, spring, autumn, winter, we have none.
I love the snown, but am scared of cold.
When the weather is cold, I will rub my nose.

Nice to have the snown to remind us of Christmas. I have almost forgotten about it. :)
Richard said…
matt: Europe has had some pretty wierd weather patterns over the past few decades. My parents describe to me how in England, during Winter, if it snowed, it was all melted by the afternoon and people were outside tending their roses and enjoying tea. Of course, as we now know, England gets hit with killer winter storms.

bee: it is always a joy to see you return. Singapore has been described as the country of eternal spring. The cold is not that bad. Really. You just have to dress for it - forget about looking fashionable.
busybee said…
Richard said: "forget about looking fashionable."

hahaha.... u tickled my funny bone la. :D

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