And Darkness Covered the Land

It was dark yesterday morning. Very dark.

Unable to sleep, I was out of bed at 05:00 and, well, it is pretty dark at that time of the morning. I wasted some time on the computer and then headed upstairs to the kitchen at 07:00. Something was wrong. It should have been light outside, but it was not.

I then realized they set the clocks back on Sunday.

Only ... I didn't remember doing that and if the clocks had been set back an hour, the mornings would get brighter, not darker. Not only that, but I had taken my car for servicing the previous morning at 06:30 and it was reasonably light outside.

I took a closer look outside and confirmed it was indeed night time dark. I double checked the clocks and they all agreed. The clouds were heavy and low and blocking out a substantial amount of light. I called Sofia in Montreal and she confirmed that it was very dark there as well.

Even around 09:00, it was still a near dawn dark, though grey instead of red and gold.

Image nabbed from here.

It just occurred to me that I should have taken a picture, although ... my camera is not very good in low light, I had left my tripod in Montreal, my sleep deprived brain didn't think of it and, finally, it would have been significantly less exciting than the picture I've attached.


ghee said…
we have long nights again here,it gets dark around 5 PM and brights around 6-6:30.

BTW,I tagged you Richard,you might want to try it.

check it out HERE

Weird...we don't set our clocks back until Nov. 3rd this year for the first time. I don't like when it's dark in the morning till almost 8:00 a.m. It seems not too long ago that the birds and sun wee getting us up at 6:00!!!
Barbara said…
This is surreal! We are so conditioned to certain light at certain times. It throws our usual rhythm off when it's not the way we expect it to be.
Richard said…
ghee: the nights are getting. Thanks for the tag. I'll get the answer up soon.

MOI: I remember the sun coming up even earlier than that. I like it when the sun is up well before me, somehow makes me feel better.

barbara: That is exactly the right word - surreal.
b said…
That is a strange feeling, isn't it? When you expect that light to be there, as it reliably has just about every day. To be honest as odd as it is, those moments are so intriguing to me. It shakes what feels like a stupor of expectation.
Richard said…
breal: it was definitely odd. I also thought there might be a solar eclipse, but I didn't recall hearing of one coming up.

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