Fire Suppression Personnel

When I was a kid, we used to call them firefighters (or firemen, for the non-gender inclusive).

I heard this while listening to a news story on the radio about Ottawa not going ahead with a plan to fine people for false alarms. Apparently, there were 8000 false alarms last year, 33% of total calls, but the majority of them are first timers, so it was felt the effort and cost to enforce the Bylaw would not be worth it. (the online news article does not use this expression).

Image nabbed from here.


KayMac said…
We make life so hilarious. In an emergency, I doubt I will remember to say..."Call the fire suppression dept. (or crime suppression personnell..or, well this list could go on and on)"
Richard said…
kaymac: I suppose it is a good general purpose expression, but, on the other hand, does it really give more information than firefighter?
carra said…
Does it matter whether it's firefighter, fireman or god knows what! Those people who phoned them without a reason should be fined, even if just 10$ the problem is, that somebody could have ended up dead or homeless because of some idiots prank call!
Richard said…
carra: I think it is more a case of people mistakenly calling the fire department, rather than malicious or foolish intent. In some ways it is comforting that people are looking out for potential problems. On the other hand, it is worrisome because it means I don't have privacy.

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