Meming the Desktop

I was invited (read tagged by Renny to show what my desktops look like. Most of the time, I do not see my desktop because it is covered with applications (much like the way I don't see my physical desktop because it is covered with documents and other stuff).

This is my home computer desktop.
This is the desktop on my laptop. Tania asks why I have Jason as my wallpaper, so, to be fair, I alternate wallpapers between them.
This is my work desktop (with stuff blurred out so I don't run afoul of giving away anything confidential).

I am going to tag the first five people in my Visitors Reflections column (left side of the blog).

MOI, KayMac, breal, tin-tin, and Barbara consider yourselves tagged. The rule is simple, post a picture of your desktop on your blog.


ghee said…
its a lil strange that you play a meme,Richard :)

coincidentally,we have the same post. i like your desktops,is that dog yours? and the sec one is lovely!
Richard said…
ghee: that is not a dog. It is a wolf. The image comes from this Polish website titled Zdjęcia wilkow z archiwów publicznych (no tricks, just pronounce it as written), transliterated it says pictures wolf from archive public

I think I have only once refused to play a meme and that was because I had already done it and there was nothing new to add to it, so I would have duplicated a post.
b said…
What an interesting meme! have A LOT of applications on your desktop! :) I'll post mine now.
RennyBA said…
Thanks for playing with - now I can see how we are so related - comparing yours and my desktop I mean. Is it your dog?
Tena said…
Your desktops look like they've got a case of the measles! I don't mean Jason. Jason is very cute.
Richard said…
breal: I don't put them there, but I don't remove them either. This way, it serves as a reminder for something I might have to delete one day.

rennyba: as I said to ghee, no, it is a wolf. I have always considered the wolf to be my Fylgja.

tena: oh, no! not measles. I just went through Chicken Pox with the kids this summer. .
carra said…
I love the WOLF in fact I find them so beautiful, I will have to visit that Polish site! Interesting meme, I played it and really enjoyed it, at least by participating I learned something about my MAC :)
Richard said…
carra: I like wolves too. Sometimes I will get a calendar with wolves on it.

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