Shadows from the corner of my eye

Are you ever sitting, maybe eating, maybe reading, maybe doing something else fairly quiet and notice a movement out of the corner of your eye?

You turn and there is nothing there.

Does it happen to you frequently?

It has been happening to me a lot, in the house in Ottawa, over the past week. Many times each evening, I will perceive a movement and when I turn to look - nothing.

Almost nothing.

It is fast.

It vanishes without a trace; leaving me frustrated as I hunt for it because I know it was there.

At first, I thought I was going mad. But I have seen them. I know they are there and I am not mad.

It is not alone. There are many of them and as I hunt for one, another will tease me from the periphery of my vision, distracting me, pulling me away from my prey.

But I am persistent. I have caught some and killed them. I will catch them all and destroy them.

They beckon me and I follow them. I pursue them throughout the house.

I don't know where they came from, but I know where I am sending them.

Susana (Sofia's cousin) suggested they may have come on some bananas she had bought, but they are not fruit flies.

There are two types. Both very small. The larger of the two could almost pass for a fruit fly with its fat little body, but it is not. The smaller of the two is like a mote of dust. I spend far too much of my evening trying to eradicate them.

I know they weren't there two weeks ago. I can’t stand bugs in my house. I have ordered no food standing outside. The countertops to be clean and dry and garbage to be taken daily to the garage. I want to eliminate any sources of food.

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Travis Erwin said…
This sounds like the start of a fantasy novel.
Richard, you have ther makings of a great ghost story, considering the date of this post! I think you need an exorcist!
Richard said…
bI try to post something with a tone related to Halloween - you can check my previous two Halloween posts.

I had The Horla by Guy de Maupassant in mind as I penned this.
ghee said…
whoah!goosebumps all over me...
but i do believe in ghosts,and yes,i ve seen one,for 5 times,same old lady here in japan,3 days ago,i was watching a DVD in a very dark and wuite room of mine,and I saw a light in the kitchen,that disappear so sudden.I wasnt afraid,infact disappointed that i havent seen it longer.

maybe you have 6th sense,Richard.

btw,how do you kill them??
b said…
Yes, great buildup! Interestingly, I had this very same problem a few weeks ago. I too would catch something moving out of the corner of my eye and they were these little bugs (more like the second type you describe, the smaller) but not fruit flies. I did the same thing...only purchasing fruit to be kept in the refrigerator, meticulously cleaning my counters. Then, I had this idea that they might be coming from either my bathroom or kitchen drain. So I kept those plugged when not in use and that seemed to help but not completely. And then they were completely gone one day...finally! I share your irritation over the matter and hope you are rid of those "shadows" soon!
Richard said…
ghee: the way I kill any fly, by crushing it. If they are on the wall, I use my fingers, if they are in the air I try to clap them.

breal: tha tis what I am hoping, that they will just up and die. Hadn't thought of stopping up the drains. I Did consider standing water and looked for it in my house, but the various drains should see enough action that this is not a problem.

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