Magical Cover

Image scanned by me, but copyright remains with the publisher.

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That is a great cover.
World Book (is it?)has been putting out great Childcraft books for years.

"Some day my prince will come, some day...!"
i love fairy tales :)
What a sweet image!
Travis: thanks for dropping by and commenting. It is. Publishers may not know it, but a cover pulls a lot of weight in my decision to buy and unknown work. (internal layout is another) and sometimes I look at those covers and think, "Great Hera! Who designed that?"

MOI: I don't know if they do or don't, but I picked this one off the library shelf because it filled me with magical wonder. It was a bit disappointing inside, but it did have the story of the Runaway Dumpling (which my kids didn't seem to be into as much I had had been when I read it in comic book form as a child).

ghee: that does not surprise me.

tena: it is definitely well composed, eye catching and playing on childhood memories. I wonder if today's generation would be as captivated? Certainly my kids were not. Tania quickly glanced at it and didn't give it a second look.
It's a beautiful cover, sorry to be a fool but what is the book about?
carra: it is a collection of fairy tales from around the world. You can get more info here.
I won a whole set of Childcraft books for my Gr. 3 class once and they were really good. had every story you could ever want to read in them...they were timeless.
MOI: I only borrowed this copy, so I can't comment on the range of stories in the whole set.
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