What's Wrong with this Ad?

The problem is not that the tap water is dirty (as the commercial implies), but rather that we are flushing perfectly potable water down the toilet.


tin-tin said…
here in the philippines, you cannot drink the tap water or else you'll really have a stomachache or worse. but for places that have clean tap water, you're right. hehe.
some water saving tips here:
water used in laundry/carwash can be recycled as flush water.
b said…
I see how this commercial irritates you! :)
Richard said…
tin-tin: I know that in many countries water is not drinkable - or at least not for foreigners. And yes, there are many ways to reuse the water we have.

breal: it primarily irritates me because it is unconditionally deceptive, leading people to the wrong conclusion -. some might call it good spin. It further irritates me because most people won't see through it.Finally, it irritates me because it leads people to devalue something we really should appreciate.

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