Now 50% Older!

Jason turns 6 today, making him about 50% older than in the photograph. And no, we do not get snow this early in October (the photo is from mid-December-2005).

Photo credits: Richard of Forbidden Planet

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Happy Birthday, Jason! Enjoy it while the # is that low! I've already passed my 25 X 2 #!
Hope your daddy takes a picture today so he can post it when you're 12.
Enjoy your cake and presents.
Happy Birthday, Jason!!
Happy Birthday to Jason!
happy birthday to jason :)
I think he had a pretty good day - although I was not there.

The mornign started with me calling at 07:00 and playing a game of HOT or COLD with him to find his present. He got a Spiderman backpack, a Spiderman MegaBlocks set (just think Lego), and a Spiderman board game. Along with a Spiderman birthday card. Sofia bought him a small cake and we will have a fuller celebration this weekend when various family members meet at my sister's to do a Thanksgiving / Birthday celebration.
I assume that he probably owns and watches all these movies a lot?
Gonna be a beauty weekend!
Happy 6th bday Jason!!
MOI: not so much the movies as the 1960's cartoon ( actually, I am not aware of him having watched the movies more than once each). He is much more into Power Rangers (but that has its own problems with him wanting to act out action moves).

ghee: thanks!
Belated Happy Birthday to Jason - all the way from Norway.

Hope he had a great celebration and that he soon can have fun in the snow :-)
rennyba: thanks!
Happy belated birthday to Jason, I am sure he had a great time! I wonder what thanksgivings are like...
carra: thanks!
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