Genuine Montreal Spider

I think it nicely compliments the Long Island spider photo I posted a while back.

Photo credit: Richard of Forbidden Planet


b said…
You know, I almost posted a similar picture on my blog. This of course being very odd for me, considering that I possess that ridiculous female fear of spiders. But there has been this spider that has been "dwelling" outside my front door for about 2 months now. She spins this amazing web each day and when it rains, she's gone. But she always returns and spins a new web. Initially, I thought about how I could get rid of her, as she freaked me out each time I would come in and out of my front door. I even used my back door more often because of her. As weeks passed though, I felt that killing her would be so cruel and unnecessary. As long as she remains outside and doesn't leap into my face or obstruct my doorway, why should I kill her? So, I've become very comfortable and compassionate towards a spider! I refer to the spider as female because I think she may be pregnant as she appears to have this gray sac attached to her now. Do you think this is a correct assumption and should I be concerned? I am befriending a spider but believe me, as soon as one enters my space, they are dead. I know...I'm ridiculous!
Richard said…
breal: As long as she remains outside and doesn't leap into my face ha ha, that is hilarious. Made me break out into a smile.

I don't think she is with children. Spiders typically lay their eggs in a protective pouch somewhere. I am not aware of any that carry it around, but I am no expert.

It is highly unlikely she is going to leap at you. First off, you are several hundred times larger and that should be deterrent enough for her.

Check out this page if you are concerned.
carra said…
Like B I have this incredible fear for spiders, but lately I grew accustomed to them and wish no harm to them. This photograph reminds me of one of the Native American Tarot cards it is called the stars... According to the legend:
"The Piman Creator, Earth Doctor, had a grandmother Spider sew the sky to the earth with her webs. Then he sprayed water from his mouth on the sky-web and the drops water crystalized and became the stars".
Richard said…
carra: that is a nice legend. It even makes some sense. Sometimes legends don't make any sense.

bee: yay! you have come back and visited me. Thanks.
b said…
Yeah, I know...what an irrational fear, huh? :) But truly, it crosses my mind almost every day I walk out my front door! That is good to know about the pregnancy deal. I'm gonna take your word on that and hope for the best!

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