"When We're Together, I Am Alone"

The powerful opening to Bif Naked's great song Tango Shoes, off her album Purge , that ranks right up the with the opening "When the Truth is found to be lies and all the joy within you dies" from Jefferson Airplane's Somebody to Love.

The usual caveat, I prefer to just listen to the song without watching the video.


b said…
I want to like this song, but I am teetering. Of course, as always, I find it amazing how different preferences can be in music. What one hears speaks to them in ways that it cannot for another. I really do like the title and message of the song though! I've felt that at times before in relationships.
Travis Erwin said…
Haven't heard the song but that one line does say a lot.

I'll have to check it out.
Richard said…
breal: that's ok, you don't have to like the song. I like it. I don't expect people to share my musical tastes. Her whole album, Purge, is filled with great songs like this. I find her videos distracting, but I don't care, I just pop the CD in the car and crank the volume.

Maybe you would have better luck with reading her lyrics as poetry.

travis: if you are into tattooed and pierced punk rocking ladies, she's your gal.
Richard said…
dandan: nice to see you again. Differnt people, different tastes. I think it is a slow song ;-)

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