Friendship Quote

Photo credit: Richard of Forbidden Planet (picture was taken at the Canadian Museum of Civilization)


carra said…
If that is true, then I live a very happy life. With a very few friends but with many letters written to them!
I even write letters to my husband, and we live together! Anyway it is a beautiful quote, I'm writing it down!
Richard said…
I used to write letter more when I was younger. I still ong to do so. Maybe I will write to one of my friends instead of just sending an e-mail.
KayMac said…
there is something special about getting a letter in the mail
Richard said…
kaymac: I think Seneca said it best: Thank you for writing so often. I never get a letter from you without instantly feeling that we are together. If pictures of absent friends bring us joy, relieving our emptiness with a solace however insubstantial, how much more so are letters that bear the marks and signs of the absent friend, affording us what is so delightful about seeing him again - the sense of recognition.
Writing REAL letters is a lost art. Think how much Canada Post has lost....uh, on second thought...they had enough already!

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