"I want to jump."

Said my friend Megumi, as we stood on the landing looking down. This did not reflect my own thoughts, which were more along the lines of "Why is this railing so low?"
This is the other end of the hall (actually, it is the starting point of the Grand Hall). You can see the sculpture at the far end of the photo - more like a white blob than anything clearly defined.

Photo credit: Richard of Forbidden Planet. Photo was taken at the Canadian Museum of Civilization


carra said…
My statement would have been: " I want to run away and hide", I am afraid of heights! Just that photo makes my stomach do the twist!
Richard said…
carra: I am not afraid of heights - only falling. Which is why I was concerned about the height of the railing. I found her comment remarkable because, like you, I really would have preferred to be away from the edge.

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