"The butcher with the sharpest knife ... has the warmest heart."

The Prisoner, "A Change of Mind"


Coffee fairy said…
Hmm...how come?
Sassy Lady said…
I'm already confused by reading the intro...wonder how other viewers really felt..
Prince Romp said…
Oh i like this one..

Is it bcos he spent alot of his time to sharpen it...Sharper knife gives less misery for the animal.?

But my neighbouring butcher had lousy knives.

They always 'slaughter' us instead.
Richard said…
"The Prisoner" has lots of slightly odd aphorisms like:

"A still tongue makes a happy life."

"Questions are a burden to others, answers a prison for oneself."

It is also how the line is delivered: the first part hard, the secodn part warm and soft.

Personally, I think it sounds better the other way around:

"The butcher with the warmest heart ... has the sharpest knife."

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