DNA Analysis

The personal DNA test gave me some food for thought.

I do not disagree with the description Reserved Experiencer - it seems to suit me to a T. Capturing my contradictory nature of being both hungry for new experiences and cautious in approaching them.

I was surprised by my Confidence rating (80% of respondents claim more confidence than I) and Agency (88% of respondents claim more control over their lives than I).

I cannot deny there are areas I lack confidence. However, I think this is likely a reflection of inherent shyness and tendency to think first, act later (I find most people, and you are free to disagree, tend to act first, think later – which, I think, leads to regret because a post mortem analysis may indicate that the actions were inconsistent with the perceived values of the person)

As regards to believing that my life is mostly controlled by factors external to me … hmmm … I think it would be fairer to say that I have little control over factors external to me, rather than them controlling me.

I am not in the habit of blaming people, claiming that others have wronged me or cheated me. I don’t believe in conspiracies or a world controlled by Illuminati. I believe many things are random. I believe I got to where I am by a combination of consistency, competency and some luck, rather than any clear focus and purpose. In life, I am more inclined to drift rather than be purpose drive. I would argue it is less influenced by me than it should be, rather than my having less control.

Note: I am not taking this test too seriously. It was, for me, fun and gave me some food for thought

Lord Palmerdale: Are you in charge here?
The Doctor: No, but I'm full of ideas.

Doctor Who, "The Horror of Fang Rock"


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