The other woman

Inspired by Ingrid's post and from listening to Nina Simone singing "The Other Woman" on the way to work this morning.

The other woman finds time to manicure her nails
The other woman is perfect where her rival fails
And she's never seen with pin curls in her hair

The other woman enchantes her clothes with French perfume
The other woman keeps fresh cut flowers in each room
There are never toys that's scattered everywhere

And when her baby comes to call
He'll find her waiting like a lonesome queen
Cos when she's by his side
It's such a change from old routine

But the other woman will always cry herself to sleep
The other woman will never have his love to keep
And as the years go by the other woman
Will spend her life alone
- Jesse Mae Robinson.


Sassy Lady said…
Its better to better the woman being cheated on rather than the other woman..

Life is much more miserable for the other woman not knowing her endless journey..

Well, she deserves it..harhar
ghee said…
she`ll always be in a closet,
couldnt be take out for dinner or a date...

she`ll always be the 2nd priority,
and she`ll always give rather than be given..

too bad!tzk tzk tzk...
Prince Romp said…
Well.. i guess those other women
above had said their say. hee
ingrid said…
And weirdly, the other woman often chooses it...
Richard said…
Ingrid: but why does the other women choose to accept this type of relationship?

(NOTE: I appreciate the other comments as well, I just have no ... erm ... comment on them)

Any insight into why women choose to be a mistress? Certainly, history is filled with examples of women who had various levels of status and legitimacy as courtesans - or other sexual, but not considered prostitute relations.
ingrid said…
I think that at some strange level, they lack self-respect and/or that they don't really want a relationship.

To me, one of the strangest things about women who choose to be with married men, is how they expect much from a liar and a cheater? He really isn't offering the world very much, and is an assh*le and has proven it. This is where the lack of self-respect thing comes in. I really don't get it.
Richard said…
ingrid: perhaps, or is it simply a woman exercising her opportunity for prostitution?

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