Sofia was griping that the folks who were going to deliver the new stove on Saturday where not able to give her a better delivery time than simply, "Sometime between 08:00 and 13:00".

Sofia was wondering why they couldn't give a better estimate (as I suppose many people do). The answer is simple: they don't know.

Couldn't they know? Couldn't someone write up a clever piece of software that would calculate the routes and times for them?

Yes, but it is not that simple.

You see, the problem is that the delivery company wants to maximize the number of items it delivers and minimize the distance traveled.

When we bought the stove the previous Sunday, I am pretty sure we were not the last people added to the delivery schedule the following Saturday. Consequently, other deliveries might be added which might influence the delivery route. Any changes to the delivery route may impact the delivery time.

Of course, once the delivery list is finalized, it should be possible for the company to give a better estimated delivery time - but this would require they ring you and update you (or you could call them). However, I suspect the company simply plots out the shortest route and does not bother to estimate the time for each delivery - since there are always various factors influencing each delivery (carrying a fridge up 3 flights of stairs versus taking it off the truck and simply wheeling it into the garage, people not being home when they said they would, traffic, etc).

You could book delivery times - the only catch is cost.

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ghee said…
here in Japan,if you send something for someone,you could request for a convenient time,or time that is fit to the person,mostly people are working.

not exactly the hour,but at least you could choose from 3 options;morning,afternoon,and at night.
Prince Romp said…
Yeahh...its all about money.
Richard said…
Some stores offer the same type of service - morning or afternoon. But Sofia is looking ofr something a little more specific like: "We will be delivering between 09:00 and 09:30".

Such personlized delivery means you have to pay someone - i.e compensate for lost potential income.
Sassy Lady said…
I've hear those lines 'we'll be delivering fm so and so.."hundreds of time..

When questioned why cant they fix a specific time..they would simply "I'm sorry ma'am, but we're doing the best we can"..bleh..

So, nowadays, when we want to buy something, we make sure, we self collect..much easier and no hassle..both parties r happy..or just me?
Richard said…
sassy: it is fine to self deliver, if you can, but a stove, fridge, washing machine, etc ... just doesn't fit in the trunk of my little Mazda 3.
Coffee fairy said…
worse than not delivering on time --- when what they deliver to you is not what you ordered. I bought a TV before. Since I was not the one who received the delivery, I was able to realize when I got home and opened the box to see a white framed TV instead of Silver. I didnt want to go to another hassle so I didnt complain anymore. Well, in the end I learned to love the white framed TV anyway.
Richard said…
Oh! I have never had the wrong thing delievered.

Actually, that is not true, I had acustom build computer delivered in 2000 and they had installed 256MB or memory instead of the 128MB I had asked (and yes, they did charge me for it).

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