Mother update

For those who have been praying for my mother, a continued hearty thanks.

She was released from the hospital 9 days ago (previous Wednesday). She said it was good to be able to sleep in her bed again.

Her blood work continues to show that her recovery is progressing well and her new bone marrow seems to be recovering well.

Her immune system is still very weak and we will not be seeing her this Sunday because Sofia and JJ are sick and on antibiotics (I think Tania needs some too, since her initial treatment does not seem to have taken).

For those who tuned in late, my mother was diagnosed in January-2005 with non-Hodgkins lymphona. After completing her initial treatment in August-2005, the cancer recurred in January-2006 - whence she underwent a second (and final) treatment. Apparently, the chances of the cancer recurring are 3%.


Anonymous said…
God Bless your mom! Praise the Lord! Great to hear that she's recovering well. I suppose regular medication, strict diet and proper care would help her improve well.
will continue to pray for her well-being.

Hope your family gets well soon.

Ros was down with fever/flu since last week, just recovered, was on two courses of antibiotics.
busybee said…
Good to hear that. Will pray for a speedy recovery,

You take care too.
That's wonderful news, Richard!
Sassy Lady said…

Great to hear you mum's doing fine. We'll still continue praying for her.

Aww..wat a poor thing, hope Sofia and JJ are showing signs of recovery..and yeah beter get ur daughter started on vitamins n medication too before she gets it fm her brother or mum..take care!

And wish Sofia a Happy Mother's Day for me!
Coffee fairy said…
Good to hear about your mother's recovery, she'll continue to be in our prayers.

Happy mother's day to her and to your wife! =)

God bless.
Richard said…
Once again, thank you all!
Aoisoba said…
Yeh nice to hear that your mum is ok :)

Happy mother's day to her :)
Richard said…
Thank you Aoisoba!

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