Hunh? Hey? Whah?

Ingrid is currently canvassing for folks to help her with a perception survey of Greenpeace as part of her Master studies in International Communication Management.

I will personally vouch for Ingrid as I have known her since 1992 and she is a wonderful person .

The survey is anonymous, although it does require some demographic information.

You can jump directly to the survey here.

As an incentive to encourage people to take the survey, I am willing to describe how I met Ingrid and my initial impressions of her - if 5 or more readers of this blog take the survey (just leave a comment saying you did - I may check with Ingrid just to be sure no one is stuffing the ballot box).

NOTE: there are quite a few questions and many of them require you to fill in text boxes (i.e. you have to put on your thinking caps) - so, it takes a more than 5 minutes.

(and, if you do like me, and leave one check box unticked, it won’t accept the form – but it won’t tell you which question you didn't answer either. sigh. Mine was whether I thought Greenpeace was chic)

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ingrid said…
Wow. Thank you so much Richard!! Very appreciated.
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Richard said…
You are welcome Ingrid! I am not convinced that my little promotion will actually help, but, hey! it can't hurt (and it looks like I might be able to get another college or university degree or two or five out of it)

maurice: thanks for dropping by, I have already done both the college and university route (electronics and computer science). I am wondering if you have anything in the way of a degree in FUD?
I second that question. "Fud?" ;)

I would love to hear how you met Ingrid, but time has been short so I have been unable to take the survey as of yet. I will try to get to it soon though, and hope that it isn't too late to be helpful to Ingrid. :)
Richard said…
All I need is 5 people to announce they have filled out the questionnaire for me to reveal a little bit of history (originally, I had planned on requiring 10, but after filling out the questionnaire, I reckoned 5 would be good enough).
Coffee fairy said…
Richard, I took the survey although I honestly am not sure if my assumption about Greenpeace is correct.
Richard said…
The whole point of the survey (as I understand it) is to record your opinion. There is no right or wrong answer - it is just your impressions.

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